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Re: Django Unchained--Tarintino's new project

Without the ending, it isn't Django Unchained, it's Dr. King Schultz: Dentist Bounty Hunter and his Valet Django. Up until the end sequence, the movie is about a German hero who buys a black slave, frees the other slaves, shows his slave bounty hunting, uses his slave, frees his slave, teaches him some German mythology, teaches him how to shoot, speak, read, and dress, and then formulates a plan to free his former slaves wife. With the end sequence Django is once again enslaved, but is now able to make his own opportunity to escape, take the opportunity he made, free not only himself but the other slaves, formulate his own plan of attack and implement it by killing the trackers once they are isolated and then lying in wait to kill the plantation staff, the plantation mistress, and the head house slave, and free his wife. Without the end sequence, Django never becomes himself.
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