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Re: Movies Seen In 2013

The 2013 list:
1. A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas: C-
2. Les Miserables(2012): B
3. Lincoln: A+

I found this to be a greatly well done film. The cast was superbly directed by Spielberg. We are so used to Spielberg being great and he again delivers. Like wise for Daniel Day Lewis. I found the portrayal of Mary Todd to be well balanced. Sometimes you see her shown as bat shit crazy. Other times she's watered down and shown as a quiet loyal wife. History does show she was a bit neurotic and had a fixation on gloves. Sally Field did a great job here, much better than her Aunt May that's for sure.
Tommy Lee Jones stole every scene I think that he was in and James Spader is always fun to watch.

If you think this is going to be inter-spliced with a number of battlefield action scenes from the Civil War I'm telling you it's not. A co-worker thought that and asked me. If a war movie is what you want this isn't your film. In this 2hr40-ish minute film there may be 5-6min of that. It's a dialogue heavy driven film. So know that going in. I found the tension and drama created by the events to get the 13th Amendment passed during Jan 1865 to be sufficiently engaging.

While there are many great moments my personal favorite may have been when Lincoln is mulling over a cable to send to Grant. It's just him and the two White House cable operators. He's conveying to them how equality is just fundamental and even relates it to the "self evident" claims used by Euclid regarding mathematics.

The film is worthy to win some awards. Hope it gets the chance.
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