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Banned by who? Its been out for 55 years. Don't see it going away any time soon.
It could be banned, perhaps, by a government that absolutely DESPISES individual achievement and is completely convinced that nothing good can ever be accomplished without government's "help". Now, where oh where would we find such a government...
Not here.
Nor anywhere in the world outside his head.

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My local library has never heard of Ayn Rand.

'Atlas Shrugged' here is divided in three volumes

'La rivolta di Atlante - il tema'

'La rivolta di Atlante - L'uomo che apparteneva alla terra'

'La rivolta di Atlante - L'Atlantide'

You can order them on online bookstores (like, but none have them in stock. Last edition was published in 2007.

It's quite fun that a book so important and controversial for the American culture is virtually unknow outside U.S. borders...
Yeah, Ayn Rand is almost completely unheard of in Italy. With good reason: when you have Bruno Vespa's, you don't need more plutocratic apologetic.

(Another Italian! Ciao Zaku! )
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