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Re: Putting the Shatner "ego issue" from TOS to rest

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It all adds up to the same thing for the lower tier cast: get over it.
Agreed. It was borderline insane to take what was in large part a fan invention of a completely united cast/happy family, then turn around and magnify Shatner's past into something negative for not fitting into that post-series invention. mentioned a week ago, the lower tier cast conveniently spare Nimoy, who was bucking for an expanded role, more money, etc., which would not help give more screen time to the others, but reduce it, as the pie was primarily cut up between three actors. No word about that, but Nimoy was looking out for himself during the TOS production as much as Shatner. In fact, his high visibility in early merchandising (Spock was the only character to have his own model kit during the first run) insured he could argue for a bigger part/profit, and since Shatner was the series star and as crucial to its success as Nimoy, that meant the bitter bunch were not going to be elevated. Add guest stars--who serve the next vital component to weekly episodes, and the rest had to work with what was left.

Nimoy would not stand up for them until the TAS production intended to elminate the lower tier characters, but what was happening on the TOS set/production office was clear, yet they said nothing about it in their generations' worth of bitching.

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