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Re: Monarchy within the Federation.

Malcolm said that went he was considering his future, it was between Starfleet and the British ("Royal?") Navy.

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Assuming they have warp comms or warp drive ...
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Well, we never really learn that one'd need to have warp in order to be a member ...
I sometimes compare jet engines on modern Earth, to the warp drive in the future Federation. Most nations on Earth have jet aircraft, but only a few nations actually build the engines. The majority of nations import their jets.

If a species' culture and society was the equal to 24th century Earth in every way, except they lacked an indigenous warp drive, why would they not be able to just purchase them from a different species that produced them?

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As long as they meet the civil rights requirements and don't have abhorrent practices ...
If the culture's various practices were too abhorrent, likely no, they wouldn't be invited into the inner circle. But if each of the Federation's founding members possessed some oddity, and the follow-on members also brought their own personality traits to the mix, then mildly "abhorrent practices" could be the Federation norm.

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civil rights
What constitutes a "civil right" probably varies widely among the Federation's members.

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One world government
Wasn't that just a preference? The Federation in one TNG episode was considering a world for membership with at least two separate nations on it.

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