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Re: teacake does Stargate: punch it

Sacrifices: Totally unnerved by how much Ishta sounds like T'Pol when she was deteriorating in season 3 on Vulcan crack. It is just weird to hear her speaking in exactly the same tones as she does when a Vulcan.. there were times when my brain was saying "that's like when she told Trip.."

So I'll just say it. She's not a very good actor. But she does have her charms and an interesting face and I enjoyed watching her for the Trek connection. I suspect I would not be very kind I didn't have T'Pol to feel warm about here.

I was very glad to get back the Jaffa storyline, I have missed the Goa'uld dramas! This was an interesting continuance of the Xena tribe's tribulations and brought in Baal to tie it in with what else has been going on in Goa'uld land.

I'm going to assume the "Rite of Or'nok" was the bloke performing circumcision on himself on the eve of his wedding night.

I enjoyed O'Neill suggesting a pinata in place of a ritual goat sacrifice

Oh and little question.. all enemies are amassed at the gate making troubles.. why not just open it and send a bomb through?

Teal'c was rather churlish this episode despite his sorta woman coming to visit. Guess I might feel that way if my teenager announced they were getting hitched.


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