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Re: Crew members and their roles

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I think Tom works on Voyager. I'd be willing to bet he'd clash with Riker considering how we saw how he reacted with Levelle.
I think that had Riker been on Voyager, he and Paris would probably have gotten along royally.
Whoa, I was more tired then I thought when I wrote that.

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Roy Schneider('s character) had some kind of mental fit down on SeaQuest DSV once where he's ranting at the top of his lungs "Have you ever noticed that you people always sit in the same chairs every day doing the same jobs? THAT'S BORING! For gods sake people this is a last man standing bridge! Any one of you is supposed to be capable of taking over any other position once things start exploding and some of you start dying... So everyone stand up! Stand up! I said Stand up! Stand up and move one position to the left and sit down.... ...SEE! SEE! Isn't that so much better?!"

Stephanie Beechum was unrecognizable on the britcom Trollied this year, and oh the many, many rude words that came out of her mouth.

"Last man standing Bridge"

It's got a ring to it.
I like the explanation and would buy into it more if actually saw the prep for it.

Harry, like Julian Bashir on DS9 was top of his class (Well Harry was #1, Julian was #2). We've seen a trend already were those who come out of the academy so high get some real posh assignments immediately. Voyager (although its a little hard to swallow) might not need a Lt Cmdr at Ops like the Enterprise did, but then why would he have no room to get promoted? I think the Ops, Conn and Chief Engineer could have all at least pushed Full Lt for the rank structure on Voyager.

You're right though, Harry was an eager beaver. He wanted to do and try everything. That's actually specifically why I didn't list Harry as one of those oddities when he assumed tactical in "Riddles" while Tuvok was recovering. It was clear even from early on that Kim wanted to expand his operational knowledge of the ship.

But that does bring up a really good point; on occasions when B'Elanna can't be chief engineer due to be away from the ship or incapacitated why was Seven put in charge? It seems like Kim or Kerry would be the ones potentially filling in.

Seven has a huge repository of knowledge, but frankly, I've always thought as her as the defacto chief science officer, which, surprisingly, being a Science ship and the Intrepid Class being the replacement for the Oberth Class, not have a prominent chief science officer always seemed weird to me.
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