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Re: Was putting limits on Warp Travel a bad idea?

So it was a bad idea because it was invented only to preach
Why? Drama is all about preaching, hopefully with the impact of a trained and well-funded evangelist - and if an idea can be created that does that and nothing but that 100% pure, without affecting anything else, surely it's a superior achievement.

it was never really obeyed or followed up on
Why should it? It had no effects extending beyond the end credits - the episode made clear that the environmental problem was not an acute one, could not be solved, and would not affect our heroes except if they regularly visited Hekaras.

ultimately meant nothing since as far as what we see in the show is concerned the Warp Factor means nothing to us.
Which makes this a particularly clean and efficient wrap. Warp factor never meant much to the heroes, either. Except perhaps to LaForge, who was supposed to be at the "human interest" focus of this adventure. But we know LaForge doesn't make noise about himself, so the impact of the events on him would not be expected to carry over to other episodes.

Saving Planet Neverheardof is the bread and butter of Trek drama, and isn't hindered by the fact that the planet means nothing to us, its inhabitants are not our old friends, and the calamity it faces is an absurd one unrelated to our daily lives...

Timo Saloniemi
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