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Re: How many transporter rooms on TOS Enterprise?

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"Perhaps the best canon argument against two transporter rooms across the hall from each other would be that in "This Side of Paradise" we should have seen two queues of crewmen in the corridor, right?"
Nice and inspirational illustration, I really do like it!

Your observation is impeccable and this transporter room apparently has no 'twin' on the opposite side of the corridor (I presume it's the same transporter room seen in "Charlie X" and "Elaan of Troyius" as it seems to be the only one with a red turbo lift at the end of this transporter room corridor. Alas, the strict turbo lift movement in "Elaan" - first half vertical, second half horizontal - tells me that this one has to be in the saucer hull and accordingly I removed it from my revised engineering deck plan drafts).

However, in "Charlie X" we see that the ladder booth near Janice's cabin has been sealed. If one were to move the opposite transporter room further "up" the (briefing room) door might become a transporter mechanism access door. Of course, this will create a problem / gap with the transporter room corridor.

Just a Bill wrote: View Post
"Unrelatedly, it would appear that the reason the transport console moved around so much was that it probably needed to be gotten out of the way every time they wanted to shoot a turbolift scene at the lower end of the curved corridor."
Thus far I've only been able to see a turbolift ("in" the transporter room set) in "Amok Time", "Wolf in the Fold" and "The Ultimate Computer" (I think by Season Three they noticed it's an extra hazzle and relocated the turbolift back to the end of the circular corridor/s).

But possibly it had given given birth to a multitude of different transporter room arrangements, most noticably one with a rectangular shape and one with an angular wall protruding from the corridor side (not to mention the various flat screens hanging next to the monitor console and the "Spock viewer", being there one episode and not being there the next one).

It should be interesting with how many transporter rooms we'll end up with. Some (e.g. flat screens) could be rationalized by modifications / changes.

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