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Re: Season THREE OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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"And probably about 98% of lcd-televisions still overscan 5%. So you end up double zooming."
A mediocre flat screen that has no controls to allow a 1:1 pixel mapping display (inevitable to make sure you the see the optimal picture resolution) / to allow its owner to switch off the overscan, will crop off extra areas the DP of "Sins of the Father" wanted you to see, that's correct.

But that's a problem of the consumer who made an ill-fated purchase decision. For all of us, that do care about optimal program presentation we're basically getting the "finger". IMHO, and I've been told that's supposedly the common Blu-ray standard, what's on the disc (the source) should contain the optimal presentation and framing, regardless of what your display can or can't do!

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"Everything is always framed with the whole 4:3 area, they do not use CRT-tubes when filming with film. They do know that a bit of the area is cropped but they will stay within the safe area of the whole image. Same thing with every film as a lot of matting is always a bit more than what the viewfinders showed. But a professional crew will not care about that but protect the whole area."
So are you saying Corey Allen (RIP) was not a professional DP?
In one of the first scenes in "Encounter at Farpoint" we - NOW - clearly see a piece of stray carpet near Data's bridge console (i.e. on a flat screen without overscan aka 1:1 pixel mapping)

And there are many more of those items in the expendable overscan areas of the "whole 4:3 area" that either are still there or have been removed by CGI brush or zooming up (!!!) the previous holy 4:3 area resulting in an additional crop (e.g. overhead microphone in engineering in "Where No One Has Gone Before").

The DPs of TNG understood very well how the overscan of a 4:3 TV set, then, worked. This is proven by the fact that none of us (especially "chief nitpicker" Phil Farrand) was able to notice this crap in the expendable overscan areas as long as we watched or TNG broadcasts, tapes, laserdiscs or DVDs on a 4:3 TV tube set with overscan.

Why protect an area of the picture you know is not going to make it to the audience because the 4:3 TV's overscan will crop it off?

Unfortunately, while claiming to preserve the original DP's vision / intention, the people in charge of the restoration at CBS either didn't understand overscan or chose to ignore it (because fans that have seen the DVDs on flat screens with no overscan would have complained instantly that parts of the picture were missing - which is exactly what happened after "Sins of the Father" had become available on the Next Level teaser Blu-ray disc).

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