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Re: Crew members and their roles

Roy Schneider('s character) had some kind of mental fit down on SeaQuest DSV once where he's ranting at the top of his lungs "Have you ever noticed that you people always sit in the same chairs every day doing the same jobs? THAT'S BORING! For gods sake people this is a last man standing bridge! Any one of you is supposed to be capable of taking over any other position once things start exploding and some of you start dying... So everyone stand up! Stand up! I said Stand up! Stand up and move one position to the left and sit down.... ...SEE! SEE! Isn't that so much better?!"

Stephanie Beechum was unrecognizable on the britcom Trollied this year, and oh the many, many rude words that came out of her mouth.

"Last man standing Bridge"

It's got a ring to it.
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