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Just a point, but our local library, which is tiny, carries both Marx, and Mao. Unless you're being sarcastic, then just ignore me.
No, not sarcastic, this is really surprising.

I have never seen a public library (and over the years I've looked into public libraries in Morgantown, Charleston, Huntington [an interlibrary system serving a number of counties!]) Pikeville KY, which carried Marx or Mao. Most of them don't even carry a biography of Marx, or Lenin. Most will carry biographies of Stalin and Mao, hack jobs or scholastically disreputable ones, though. Libraries in WV are fanatical about purging the shelves of unread or nearly unread books (I think it comes from a policy laid down by the state library commission and affects funding.) Maybe that has something to do with the death.

I once saw a Barnes & Noble in Philadelphia, and I believe that would have had Marx and Mao, judging from the fact they had progressive magazines. (Brentano's didn't have any if I remember correctly.) Books-A-Million and Borders don't, at least not the ones in Huntington and Charleston. Waldenbooks is defunct here, if not everywhere, but they didn't either.

University bookstores and college libraries are a different proposition of course.
That's odd. I could call any of the three libraries across three towns in a 20 mile radius, and they will have them on the shelves. We have one small book store that opened a few months ago, and I would bet you they have Marx in their inventory, and I live in southern Ohio.
The bookstore downtown in Seoul has Marx in Korean, English, French and German.
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