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Re: Crew members and their roles

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Harry is effectively the quartermaster. He's very important in those meetings. If they want to do anything, they have to ask him if they have the tools, toys and resources to carry through with their mission, and he has to juggle Voyagers very limited and very finite resources until he can say "Yes Captain, that will not be a problem".

Harry being given command of the Ship in Futures End, that one is a head scratcher.
^ Wow Guy, Ive gone 5 seasons not knowing what Harry's actual function on VOY. Thanks. I always assumed he was some sub-class of engineer since he's wearing gold and does help create things and help B'lanna sometimes. It always puzzled me why he's stationed on the bridge and not in engineering. Tuvok is a gold shirt but he's the security and tactical officer so it makes sense. Were there QM's on Picard and Kirk's bridges?
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