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Re: Crew members and their roles

Or maybe they're all Mary Sue's on the ship without consequences called Voyager.

Like Harry Kim being in every single round table meeting when he's a "Wesley Crusher/Nog; I'm a nobody with the rank of ensign" character. Was this a diversity quota or could Janeway not spare any pips to promote poor boring Harry?

Or B'Elanna making chief engineer over a Starfleet officer. When B'Elanna is a 2nd year drop out of Starfleet Academy and is somehow an expert in temporal quantum mechanics (See episode Parallax in season 1). Who thought of that?

Chakotay is pretty much an undefined character. I'm still on my first view through of VOY currently at season 5. The only time I saw any command presence in Chakotay was in Scorpion while Janeway was out of commission. Other than that Chakotay is a generic officer who needed to fill the Starfleet suit and sit next to the captain. Also Chakotay is the resident "crash dummy" for the shuttle crafts. He's totaled enough so far in my run.

Tom is suspect is supposed to be the fun guy. I don't really see the need for a "pilot class" officer when we see anybody can pilot a shuttle with expertise and style. See DS9 crew with the runabouts and Picard in INS and NEM for shuttlecrafts and captains yacht. Tom I feel would do better on TNG or even with the DS9 crews. His laid back and have a good time demeanor would mesh better with the likes of Riker and Worf, and or Bashir and O'Brien. Tom's choice company of the sanitized Harry or Big Chief Chakotay who combined are about as entertaining as watching grass grow, makes Tom seem out of place A LOT on VOY.
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