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Re: Unofficial Spinoffs (TV and Video)

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There are 4 P.R.O.B.E. episodes.

It took me a while to recognize Louise Jameson because of her horrible hairdo that was probably quite stylish at the time.
Zero Imperative, features Liz Shaw from P.R.O.B.E., but, it doesn't carry the P.R.O.B.E. Opening.

Then you have Devil Of Winterbourne, Ghosts Of Winterbourne, and Unnatural Selection

Is there one more? I believe Devil Of Winterbourne is longer than the other 2, so may have been a 2 parter?

Yea, Louise Jameson was tough to spot, the makeup isn't Leela-like either, and I've only seen her as Leela
Zero Imperative was reissued in PROBE packaging a few years after its initial release (which makes it the fourth one... or rather, PROBE #0, as it were).

Louise Jameson has roughly the same frizzy poodle hairdo she had during her stints in Bergerac and (more recently at the time) Eastenders. Though for rather too many of us the time, the big problem with the PROBE vids was looking at Liz's other sidekick without making the giveaway comment of "Oh, is that Linda Lusardi? I didn't recognise her with her clothes on..."
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