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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

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If you want an example of a straightforward TV series music archive, check out the Network CDs of The Prisoner. Uttlerly unlistenable without major home editing.
I feel about this TOS set the way you felt about The Prisoner set (I don't have that set). I have the Dark Shadows set, which I quite love. It is complete and really has every cue for all 1225 episodes. I haven't noticed any problems with editing on that set. It came out a few years back, but it is still available from MPI.

I actually wonder if my discs are defective?

Can anybody else hear any glitches and abnormal volume level changes during some of the edits on this set? Well I find that mega-annoying to the point of having to go in and fix problems on the tracks. On a box set this expensive, I was expecting to be able to listen to the music off the discs without having to mess with it. It seems impossible for me, and this is a disappointment. I really don't have time to mess around with this, yet I've wanted a box set like this for such a long time.

I'm glad that everyone is happy with the set; and although you may think I'm just trying to pick it apart to find fault, I am not.
I have had no problems with the sound at all. The Doomsday Machine has some distortion which was inherent in the original tapes as does the first cue in Spock's Brain, but other than that, I'm very impressed with the sound quality.

If you suspect they are defective, email LaLa Land and see what they can do.
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