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Crew members and their roles

I've been rewatching Voyager and something has been sticking out in my head a bit: in many occasions, I don't understand the the choices used for various activities.

Here's a few examples:

On many occasions, Chakotay is asked to take the helm, tactical and other posts when another officer isn't readily available for it, yet we've never been told anything about his background that leads us to believe he'd be the ideal person to take over as a relief anything; he's a social scientist and as such would have been wearing a blue uniform pre-command.

Paris is almost always brought on away missions. I can easily see him being the go-to go for shuttle missions but it makes less sense to bring him on the typical away mission unless they REALLY had it in the back of their head he was forth in command of Voyager (which they certainly brought up on a few occasions) and as such it was an experience gaining thing. One could suggest it was also because he was the ships chief medic, but that's only come up on rare occasion and rarer yet is the times he's walking around with a med kit a tricorder rather then a flash light and a phaser.

On a few occassions B'Elanna takes over Ops, but one has to suggest there were far better persons to take over that position other then the ship's chief engineer.

What other assignments strike you as weird and are there any really good in universe explanations for these other then budget?
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