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Re: Crusade - You are the producer

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I wouldn't want to do it. I'd want to watch it, or experience it in another medium.

Speaking of which, I've been wondering, while it's a shame the show was sabotaged by TNT and cancelled way too early, couldn't JMS continue Crusade in another form? I mean, Greg Weisman continued Gargoyles as a comic, Whedon did the same for Buffy, Angel and (I've heard it's finally coming) Firefly, while there are continuations of several ST series' as novels.
Plus, JMS has gotten used to writing for comics. It's something I really would have expected him to have done by now.

Or has it something to do with the rights?
Yea, WB owns about the whole ball of wax. Now that he's got his own Production Office/House, he could probably lease the comic license and produce them. Likewise with the more expensive to produce Novel, TV or Movie licenses, but, I doubt he's got those kind of resources quite yet.
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