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Re: Crusade - You are the producer

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Speaking of which, I've been wondering, while it's a shame the show was sabotaged by TNT and cancelled way too early, couldn't JMS continue Crusade in another form? I mean, Greg Weisman continued Gargoyles as a comic, Whedon did the same for Buffy, Angel and (I've heard it's finally coming) Firefly, while there are continuations of several ST series' as novels.
Plus, JMS has gotten used to writing for comics. It's something I really would have expected him to have done by now.

Or has it something to do with the rights?
Partly. The only rights JMS owns are the feature film rights (and even then, since WB owns all TV rights, it would be hard for JMS to work with another studio to do a feature.) At one point one of the RPG publishers (Mongoose) reportedly wanted to do B5 comics but it was indicated to them that DC had first dibs.

Another part may have to do with how DC comics operated back before JMS was a Guy in comics. When the first comics were coming out, JMS had editorial control over the scripts *except* for the ones he wrote which were 'edited' by somebody used to editing kids comics. When JMS protested, he was informed that that was DCs policy. So *now* JMS could probably do as he pleases but not back then.

Nowadays you'd think it would be easier since WB owns DC and JMS has good relations with Dan Didio except...each division of WB competes with each other so there wouldn't be cooperation when it came to license fees and such.

As for novels, sadly none of the books sold as well as the publishers wanted (no, of course it didn't have anything to do with a lack of marketing!) so no publisher is interested even if (reportedly) WBs license fees for B5 weren't too high.

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