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Forget the film. But, you should read the book before it's banned.
Banned by who? Its been out for 55 years. Don't see it going away any time soon.
It could be banned, perhaps, by a government that absolutely DESPISES individual achievement and is completely convinced that nothing good can ever be accomplished without government's "help". Now, where oh where would we find such a government...
Honestly, that sounds like sheer paranoia to me. I don't recall liberal books being banned during the Reagan and Bush years because they were "un-American" or whatever. Heck, even during the height of the McCarthy era, I don't remember Marx or Mao being banned by the government.

And the last time I checked, the shelves at Wal-Mart and my local grocery store were fully stocked with the latest books by Glenn Beck or Ann Coulter or whomever. And I'm sure you can still find Ayn Rand in any sizable bookstore or library.

There is that pesky little First Amendment, you know, and if you really think that the evil Democrats or liberals or whomever are out to destroy the Bill of Rights . . . well, that's a pretty farfetched scenario. You might as well worry about the gorillas or computers taking over.
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