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Re: Characters from the TV shows who should have appeared in the movie

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Having a Sela cameo in the opening scene in the Senate wouldn't have helped at the box office, but it would've been the smallest of gestures to acknowledge the decades-spanning franchise behind the film, and not left such a bad taste in many fans' mouths.
I know many TNG fans who thought that Denise's acting was the weak link in the "Unification" two-parter.
Geez, and I thought it was the writing and the direction and Nimoy that were the principal co-stars of blame in that. Sela might qualify as 'special guest blame' but it would be below-the-title billing at best.
Be glad Unification turned out as well as it did because the only reason it exists in the first place was to be a commercial for TUC.
Therin, you won't get any argument from me, but if she was limited to a no-lines-just-die-from-thalaron cameo... well, it'd be pretty hard to mess that up!

And Dream, I'd never heard that before. Certainly makes sense in several ways...
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