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Re: What's up with Weller's character?

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I don’t want to start the Trek and Nolan’s batman comparison again but there is a good chance that John Harrison might be what Bane was in TDKR and Peter Weller's character might be what Talia Al Ghul was in TDKR.

So in other words John Harrison might just be a puppet and Weller’s character will be the big bad who will only be effective in the last 10 minutes of the film.

TDKR was an average film at best in my opinion so it will suck (a bit) if the plot is similar to the plot in into darkness in terms of the villian.
Yeah, but TDKR's problem wasn't the plot, it was the execution of that plot, and the way the film got mired down in its own self-indulgence during the middle third that meandered relatively aimlessly....

...What I mean is that Nolan added a lot of useless crap in the middle of the film to artificially lengthen it. It would have been a much more entertaining film if he tightened it up, and disposed of the slack.

To avoid the risk of pissing off the mods, I'll get myself back on topic. I guess that could be the case (Harrison being Weller's puppet), but it seems they are pumping up Cumberbatch's character so much that it would be a let down if that happened.

Although, if that does happen, a great twist would be the double-cross -- i.e., Weller may think Harrison was his puppet, but Harrison was actually just leading him along the entire time, and Harrison had a bigger agenda.

That may not be a terribly original plot twist, but if done right it could be an effective twist.
You hit the nail on the end when you said that they are pumping Cumberbatch's charcater. Cumberbatch is perhaps the most popular actor in the film right now.

its so funny because Nolan an his buddies did the same with Bane's charcater,it was a little dumb when he turned out to be Talia's pet and that was why I said it will suck a bit if John Harrison is only a puppet like Bane.
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