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Re: eBook prices getting stupid

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I've been giving some serious thought to purchasing an E-Reader Device of late.

Since Trek Lit continues to be a big part of my regular book purchases, I've debated switching over to E-books only once I do.

This pricing model/trend is making me rethink where I was heading.

I still think $8 bucks a pop is high, but I enjoy the quality stories and like adding to my collection of Trek Books.

Not sure I could justify the costs of getting an E-Reader and then paying 10-18 bucks for each book...

E-Books should be making it easier to purchase older and out of print titles, not more frustrating.
All of the new releases are the same price as the paperbacks, so as long as you stay away from the old books you won't be paying any more.
EDIT: I was just looking at Trek e-books, and they actually have the first two Cold Equations books for only $5.99 and the third for $7.59. It seems weird to me that they would be marking the newest books down like that, while they mark the older books way up. I would think it would be the other way around.
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