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Re: Billie Piper not involved in 50th anniversary

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Y'know what amuses the heck out of me - how BBC can make a 14 episode "series" take two years to tell and yet you can have a modern American tv 'season' of maybe 22-23 episodes and have do the same in less than a year. I'm thinking of a show like Sons of Anarchy which has quite a bit of stunt work, sfx, and a very large cast of regular characters.

And it takes them ages to do even a two part episode - or do they just shoot all of it at once like we do - but milk it for all its worth over there?
I heard a story that the BBC were interested in a UK 'Giles' spinoff from Buffy some years ago. They were asked by Whedon and co. to provide scripts for approval. Months later they had only partially completed three and the deal died. At the time, Whedon was writing most of the years twenty plus Buffy episodes, some Angels, producing, directing, show running etc.

In defence of the BBC though, they have produced three episodes of Sherlock per year, and that's worth twenty episodes of anything else...
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