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Re: Last Classic Who Story you watched

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Since they found one episode of Galaxy 4 which will be released on the special edition of The Aztecs (out in March) wouldn't it be a good idea to wait until then to watch it, though?
I haven't seen it yet, either, because I chose to ignore most of the missing Hartnell serials. I read some of the books, though.
I knew Galaxy 4 had an episode located, but, wasn't awae of what they were going to do with it. The Aztecs is one Historical I do like, a lot, and actually one of my all time favorite Hartnells (the other historical I like, but, not nearly as much is The Romans). My copy of The Aztecs is a TV recording burned to DVD (very watchable, but, not superior Quality), so, yea, I very well may get The Special Edition, since it's not a double dip. I'll likely watch Stargate Universe and Clone Wars S1 - S5 after Troughton, so, that'll likely put me close to March anyways, before I'm watching the Hartnells.

Boy, early 2013 is getting expensive (Definitely gotta Get Gallifrey Adventures S4)
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