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Re: Favorite blatant contradictions

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^No. She'd have to promote everybody else. At least, that's probably Janeway's reasoning
Almost thirty people died (or left) (I counted once.).

Janeway decided to consolidate rank and staff positions rather than promote because then ther'd be no grunts at the bottom.

Kim completely has to move out of Ops.

If he wants more responsibility in proportion to an increase in rank, he has to do more. He can't do more if he's doing the same thing. And if he is moonlights to find that extra responsibility, then he's half assing the Ops job... And it's a consideration for everyone elses safety that they promote a petty chief or an able crewman to the Ops Job if Kim thinks his talents are more suited elsewhere.

But as I said a long time ago. The rank is about the size of the department and the amount of crew he has to command to keep Ops running 24/7 and their rank. Anyone can sit in the chair and do that job for a dutyshift. They're all supergeniuses. Kim's really hard job is to tell the 10 enlisted crewmen in his department what to do and when to do it and let them know what they are doing and when they are doing that for the next ten weeks and if/when that's all going to change due to the unexpected and if they are worthy of promotion, stagnation or demotion... When Section heads have a poker night they play for crew to get rid of their lemons.
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