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Re: 2001 on the Big Screen

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They were in hibernation. They just died in their sleep. That's not the sort of thing that would provide any satisfaction to a violence-hungry audience.
I believe the word you are looking for is action, not strictly violence.
Action, too, but action generally translates to violence.

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^ And there can be violence without action. This is just one example of that.
You can call turning off their life-support violence if you want, but it doesn't change the fact that people dying peacefully in their sleep off-screen won't satisfy the action, violence or other mayhem quota.

Christopher wrote: View Post
First off, that's an incorrectly narrow definition of violence. Legally, any act of murder or any infliction of grievous bodily harm constitutes a violent crime under the laws of most countries, regardless of the method by which death or harm is inflicted. The World Health Organization's definition of violence includes any intentional use of power against another person that results or has a high likelihood of resulting in their death, harm, or deprivation. So if they'd died in their sleep of natural causes, that wouldn't be violent, but since HAL deliberately killed them, intentionally using his power to shut off their life support with the knowledge that it would result in their deaths, that makes it a violent act both legally and morally.
I'll keep that in mind if I ever decide to take HAL to court.

And second, that's a straw-man characterization of modern audiences, and is just as false as your definition of violence. You're falling prey to the nostalgia illusion, the common psychological fallacy that the present is worse than the past.
And that's not a counter-argument. Or do you really believe that 2001 could be made today, as it was then?
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