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Re: Australians - heat and fire

Australia's ''dome of heat'' is becoming so intense, temperatures are off the charts - literally.
When the nation's weather bureau model started churning out predictions for next Sunday and Monday of more than 50 degrees, chart producers quietly extended the scale beyond the level previously used.
For now, those days show regions of South Australia with deep purple - indicating 50-52 degrees Celsius. As yet, the new maximum scale of 52-54C - to be coloured pink - does not feature.
"It's because we've been going off the scale," said David Jones, head of the bureau's climate monitoring and prediction unit.
Also off the scale was the national average maximum. It hit 40.33C on Monday, a record that has stood for 40 years but was likely to have been broken yesterday, the bureau said.
Including Tuesday, the country will have posted four of the hottest 10 days on record in 2013 - a year barely a week old.
Another record that was smashed on Monday was Australia's mean temperature. The country averaged 32.23C, eclipsing the previous record - set on December 21, 1972 - of 31.86C.
The temperature at Sydney's Observatory Hill hit 42.3C, its hottest since New Year's Day 2006 and the fifth hottest day since records began in 1858.
Man dats hot!
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