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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

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2012 rolls around and La La Land decide to recreate how the cues were edited in their originally intended episodes.
Seems valid to me. That would indicate that the editing of the set was done a) for listening, not for hacking apart, and b) especially in order to prevent people splicing together episode scores and then distributing them as "complete score" projects online, as was happening with some DVD rips before this set came out.
Eh, nothing is gonna stop this set from being shared and sent around, edited or not. Sites aready have people posting links to it all over the place. But, I would agree with point a) it was created to be a listening experience, where the music works as an album, not an archive to create your own tracking mixes. Since Star Trek's tracked and edited scores are all part of the fun of the series, it's probably going to attracted more of that than most other shows. But it had to be created for the audience at large.

If you want an example of a straightforward TV series music archive, check out the Network CDs of The Prisoner. Uttlerly unlistenable without major home editing.
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