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Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic anticipation thread.

Well that tears it! They've started to enforcing the character limit so now all but 2 of the 8 characters I created during the free trial are locked out. The bugger of it is that even if I upgrade to preferred (which I probably will to be honest) they've set the limit at 6 so I still can't have one of each class on the same server unless I buy extra slots. I'm also loathed to delete any of them since most of them are races that have since been restricted.

So, I've already (re)activated my Chiss Agent (she rocks!) but I'm at a loss as to who else to choose. Can I ask everyone's opinions on which class (besides Agent) has the best story? I'm leaning towards Inquisitor at the moment since she's by far my highest levelled character (I refuse to call them toons!) and I am quite fond of the little red sardonic psychopath.
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