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Re: Crusade - You are the producer

I should probably weigh in with what my thoughts are as well, some very interesting points others have made though. Starting with the uniforms, I'd make sure the grey ones never saw the light of day. If anything I'd have them start off in the standard Earth Force blue, then switch over to the black ones.

Long-term plot wise, the plague was to be cured by the end of the second season if what I've read is right, with the main plot thread being to do with the ship that destroyed the Cerberus. I would move them away from B5, Mars and known space, actually have them out in the unknown, looking for a cure, revisiting the same places B5 went to (or was based) is rather dull.

As for characters (btw if people want to include more, then please do, make sure to have a good arguement though ):
Gideon - I never warmed to him. I don't know what it was about him but I always just found him to be very irritating.
Matheson - I liked the idea of a former Psi Corps person now in Earth Force, they could have done more with his telepathic abilities, the new rules he has to live by, and what his life was like in the Corps. I'd do everything possible to keep him (Sindatur you are right, Daniel Dae Kim is stunning).
Lochley - I never understood why she was included in the main cast list with only two appearances. If they wanted her in the show, they should have given her the ship.
Eilerson - A pain in the ass, but then again he was meant to be. A lot of jokes would have been had at his expense, but the role was important. Replace him with someone not so irritating.
Chambers - Someone who should have been a bigger part given the whole 'seach for a cure' spin on the series. More could have been done with her. I really liked her as well, definately someone I'd try and keep.
Galen - I loved Peter Woodward in the role, but I always see it as a deus ex machina. If they need a way to get something done, they just happen to have a wizard along to do it. True he did have a big arc planned and I'd liked to have seen that.
Dureena - She was a kick in the head. Feisty and full on, though with a softer side as well. She is my must have to take through.

I would also have liked to have seen more of the actual crew included in the cast, maybe their own Security Chief and a First Contact Specialist--if not in the core group then at least recurring.
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