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Re: Kirk's Television Enterprise Deck Plans WIP

I must say that the down below transporter rooms from “Mudd’s Women” and “Dagger of the Mind” have caused me considerable headaches right from the start, because the transporter room studio set is a rectangular room that inevitably demands a corresponding positioning in a rectangular hull like the engineering one.

The previous draft of E-Deck 14 tried to realize a corresponding positioning but didn’t really look great. My first aim for the revision was to clear the stern area of corridors that might limit the height of structures associated with the hull’s bottom hatches.

These won’t really go much higher than the floor of the Hangar Deck but that’s reason enough to at least keep the rear space below E-Deck 13 free of obstacles.

Here is the revision of Engineering Deck 14:

One of the transporter rooms I felt was absolutely necessary to locate down below was the (first) transporter room in “Tomorrow Is Yesterday” where Captain Christopher arrived.

The turbo lift travel times may not be a reliable indicator, but it took Captain Christopher and Captain Kirk 45 seconds to get from the closest transporter room turbo lift to the bridge!

In comparison, it took Kirk, Spock and Scotty only 43 seconds to get from a deck below the engine room in the engineering hull to the bridge in “By Any Other Name” and part of this was horizontal travel compared to vertical / diagonal travel only in Kirk’s and Christopher’s case!

In my transporter room thread Timo was on to something (as usual, one might want to add), wondering if the door opposite the transporter room might lead to another transporter room facing the other way (to explain the erratic routes: sometimes to the left, sometimes to the right, sometimes both – arriving from the right, leaving to the left or vice versa).

Apparently Timo’s essential idea is quite correct but it appears the transporter rooms are on opposite sides of the engineering hull as this arrangement solves a multitude of riddles I previously encountered (additionally, the central axis corridor - not yet illustrated - has to connect near the bow to the port side transporter room corridor to explain the movement of Kirk and Dr. van Gelder in “Dagger of the Mind”).

It even accommodates the transporter room from “Where No Man Has Gone Before / WNM” (just in case I won’t find a suitable location in the saucer ) on the starboard side, opposite the old one from “The Cage” on the port side (which I had always believed to be below in the engineering hull - in Pike’s days an energy consuming device that required immense power from the adjacent and able bulk of machinery).

The existence of only these two transporter rooms in the beginning (one “transporter section”) might also explain why the door signs of the other transporter rooms (in the saucer) don’t come with room numbers – like the briefing rooms do (i.e. before TAS)!

However, the biggest boost to solve this riddle came from the forward main sensor-deflector engine room (e.g. “Journey to Babel”) idea that has been discussed in another thread.

We have seen this enigmatic power column connecting the engine room to the transporter system in “The Enemy Within” (and aboard the Constellation in “The Doomsday-Machine”).

More importantly, to make this connection in the forward main sensor-deflector engine room, makes perfect sense to me, considering that this engine room either powers the deflector shields OR the transporter system (!!!).

Of course, “Mudd’s Women” was a one time reckless exception where the Enterprise extended her deflector shields AND attempted to transport passengers within the shield’s protective area. No wonder the dilithium circuits burned out under that kind of stress…



Interesting detail: The WNM transporter room has a door label above saying "Transporter" and the room number "3C 46". Two decks above and almost over the same spot will be Janice's Cabin from "The Enemy Within" - which happens to be cabin "3C 46". At least the alphabetic sections seem to correspond.

Sorry, didn't write "bottom" on this deck plan. A Freudian lapse, apparently...
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