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Re: Putting the Shatner "ego issue" from TOS to rest

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Still, look at who Shatner had most of his scenes with. Those were the people he saw most often and those guys (Nimoy in particular) were who he bonded with the most. The lower level actors had a lot of their scenes together and had the common bond of being "under the title" as it were. Even on a film set, do you become buddies with EVERYONE? I've done work at my utility company after Hurrican Sandy swept through New York and was working 16 hour days for a month (no weekends off) in a substation woth a bunch of people. In that time, we became very close, but there were some people I just didn't connect with.
Well put. Everyone is not going to gel, and in 1960s TV production, the star system was very much in place, so they (Shatner and Nimoy) took the lion's share of screen time, thus worked together often enough to get to know each other.

The "rest" allowed post-series fandom to inflate their heads to laughable degrees, as though ST's cast occupied the same level. If theirs was a case like that of Wayne Rogers (Trapper on the first 3 seasons of M*A*S*H*), who was supposed to be on equal footing with Alda's Hawkeye, but the scripts ended up favoring Alda, then we could understand the hostile, petty complaints of Takei, Koenig, Nichols and Doohan, but their characters were not then--or ever meant to be equals to Kirk, Spock or McCoy.

People connect with who they connect with. And sure, you're entitled to say what you feel about them, but after all this time, it's tiresome.
...and it shows that if they could not use trashy, tabloid stories, they would have little CAREER stories to share.
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