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Re: Kirk's Television Enterprise Deck Plans WIP

@ Just a Bill

Thanks for your kind words and don't worry. I'm myself relatively new and sometimes I'm equally in the dark, whether something has already abundantly discussed or not.

This thread has been inspired / encouraged by blssdwlf, who apparently has CGI talents I can only dream of (for now) and a similar thread, here's the link to his thread's page where I attempted a summary (for newcomers like you and myself):

Despite mutual goals there are some differences in our approaches, but we do agree that in TOS we've seen the flight deck (where the shuttles do land) and in contrast the hangar deck (where we saw these beeing boarded or left).

In my deck plan drafts the flight deck would be E-Deck 11 and the hangar deck E-Deck 13 (you've 'just' seen here).

To answer your question: Yes, the diameter of the outer (main) corridor in my drafts is a tweak ("speculative") of the original studio set's diameter, unfortunate but inevitable: Circular corridors in the engineering hull do exist, but especially on "Deck 12" we have the regular (studio set) corridor with adjacent cabins with windows! As for possible evidence of production intent to present the (same) rigid studio set throughout multiple locations aboard the Enterprise with different corridor curvatures I recommend you read the introduction to this thread.

I'm about to post the revised draft for E-Deck 14, after that and in the next days I will continue chronologically from E-Deck 12 to the top.

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