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Re: Putting the Shatner "ego issue" from TOS to rest

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There's not a single All in the Family spinoff held in the same high regard (and Good Times
There's not a single Star Trek spinoff held in the same high regard as TOS. Does that mean none of those spinoffs should have been produced?
The key difference there is that the Norman Lear spinoffs were jumping on something hot in the moment--not for the purity of storytelling, but to expand the chance for profit--and it was apparent. If Gary Seven's jumping off episode actually turned into a series, one could make the same argument, but TOS had to die and be reborn...then go through the lean years and movie years before a return to weekly TV ever materialised.

On the subject of whether or not TNG-ENT should have been produced? One thing is clear: Berman and his crew tore down ST to the point where a reboot was required. That never happened in ST before, so it says much about the TV episodes and 4 TNG movies' ultimate effect on the franchise.

He only came up with that idea at the very tail end of the TNG-era shows, when it seemed like any and all Trek concepts would get the green-light as a spinoff.
Takei's expectations/fantasies date back to (at least) the production of The Wrath of Khan, which another member referred to. The scripted idea of Sulu beoming captain of the Excelsior sent Takei on a voyage he has not returned from.

To build some minor sub-plot (if you could even describe it as that) into "Captain Sulu the series" is a textbook example of Takei being delusional.

Some people in this thread just want to take sides on this in order to be bullies, IMHO. It's not really that controversial, folks. Shatner was an ass and should have treated his coworkers better, and the other actors had a right to self-promote.
It seems you are taking sides, since you call Shatner an "ass," but see the issues of Takei, et al, as merely promoting themselves, when it moved far beyond that. Promoting yourself does not include trashing your bread and butter at every chance as seen with Takei, Doohan, Koenig and Nichols for decades. Making a buck off of how many times you kick one of the unquestioned, central reasons ST became a pop culture phenomenon shows a gross lack of judgement on their part. It only handed Shatner gift-wrapped reasons to disregard their "contributions" once the movie era kicked in.
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