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Re: Difference between Q and Harry Potter wizards?

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Can Gods be killed?
Historically, many gods could be killed and were killed in various mythologies (including the Christian one).
And many gods needed ships - well, their mythological equivalent.

What is a god, though? Which is a definition of the concept?:
-The creator of the world/universe;
-An omnipotent being. And what exactly is 'omnipotent'? - this is a reference to the 'can god create a stone he can't lift or not?' paradox. The Q, apparently, can create such a 'stone' (weapon that can kill them, in their case) - and they get killed by the 'stones' they create;
-A being of immense power;
-A being many believe to be a god;
-Combinations of the above.

By most of these definitions (even all - Q did claim he created the universe), Q is a god - whether Picard likes it or not.
By one, your standard cult leader is a god.
"Let truth and falsehood grapple ... Truth is strong" - John Milton

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