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Re: Kirk's Television Enterprise Deck Plans WIP

Fascinating thread. Love the approach. I've been following this for a week or so and just signed up today.

At risk of embarrassing myself by putting ignorance on display and/or rehashing something already said in the miles of conversations I haven't had time to read yet, I will nonetheless forge ahead with my neophytic attempt at a contribution:

If shuttlecraft capacity is an issue, I believe (if memory serves) that the rotator platform in the center of the hangar deck is also an elevator, in theory providing the necessary storage space on the deck below. Doug Drexler's cutaway diagram seems to supports this.

And now a multipart question: I've found a couple of Jefferies' studio set plans, but have not yet seen anything with differing corridor radii. Did we actually see significant differences in curvature on screen? Were any of the set walls moveable? Is the diameter of the "outer" circular corridor you're working with speculative?

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