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Re: My "Just Saw Insurrection For the First Time" Review.

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If you search around this site (and net) you'll probably find some of the answer. The original ideas for INS were far more interesting, but Stewart in particular wanted something lighter (unless I'm mis-remembering).
Berman and Piller actually conceived of it as a lighter film from the getgo, because they didn't believe they could (or should) "out-Borg the Borg" and Berman was particularly fond of the success of The Voyage Home, and believed its lighter tone was largely responsible for its success.
That's all fine, I'd still ask for a *little* more gravity, a little more of a nod to the war than what they gave.

From Insurrection, am I to infer that the Enterprise-E is really the USS Bob Hope?
Go find a copy of Piller's book "Fade In," which describes in gory detail how Insurrection was written. It originally was substantially darker, with more gravitas. Studio-ordered rewrites watered it down into what wound up on screen.
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