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Re: Starting on Deep Space Nine

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I like the Bajoran Politics and Religion stuff, so, I find the first two seasons of DS9 more enjoyable than many fans do, and while I like the stuff that comes from S3 on a great deal, I do miss the Bajoran Politics and Religion when it gets pushed to the back burner
I'm with the minority on that one, too. I loved when they explored Bajoran religion.
The Bajoran politics and religious theme grew on me with rewatching. You may hate her(in fact that's the point), but Kai Winn really was an awesome villain.

I was never able to get into the Bajorans politics and religion themes. I don't know why, maybe because through the entire series I never got to like Kira...she just irritated me more than anything. But I do agree that Kai Winn turned into a great villian as the series progressed.

I bought the entire DS9 DVD set and just finished it a few weeks ago. DS9 really did become my favorite Trek series and even though there were plenty of episodes that put me to sleep in every season, the exciting ones kept me watching.
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