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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

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The oldest was a 16mm film chain recording from the early 80's of TV broadcast. It has been the same in every version I have tried, but I don't think I have the laserdisc. ... I'll let you test it more and decide for yourself. Any conclusions are my opinion and just my opinion as are all the posts I make here.
I can't test it. I don't have any laserdiscs; and if I did, Lights of Zetar/Requiem for Methuselah would be among the last I would buy. :-)

I'm not sure what a "16mm film chain recording" is, but it sounds pretty professional, and I guess early enough to be before the 5.1 remastering for DVD. That would shoot some holes in my beautiful theory, alas.

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If someone had the cue sheet, then we could see what actually aired originally?
Certainly. At least theoretically. I'll ask on the FSM forum. Jeff Bond and Neil both post in that thread (the "actual music" thread).

Can someone (Dalen/SSOS/Warlord) tell me again: when in the Lights of Zetar trailer does the "Force Field" cue appear? Either approximate time or what is happening onscreen, or both.
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