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Re: Anyone familiar with the BBC version of Sherlock Holmes? (spoiler

There was so much raving that I tried The Great Game. There were some amusing lines of course. But I got very impatient wondering why Sherlock didn't seem to realize the game was to distract him from the plans, until he withheld the solution to get ahead of the game. Then at the end, when we're supposed to be all surprised that Holmes was an upstanding patriot, he was just pretending to get on Watson's nerves. How pointlessly unpleasant. The extraordinary collection of mannerisms, tics, spasms and random changes of pitch that was called Moriarty was vivd but not impressive.

Scandal in Belgravia rewrote Adler as a whore in love with Holmes because he both beat her and saved her. I'm not particularly sentimental about the Adler character (I enjoyed the equally criminal version in Zero Effect.) But opting to make the make significant female figure in the series a dominatrix seems rather backward. Also, the line about Holmes and Watson being a couple was an unpleasant reminder that Waton is in an abusive relationship.

Hounds of Baskerville was just dull. Haven't just started Reichenbach Fall, but I'm really having trouble accepting the villains whose plan starts with being captured as charcters to take seriously. Worse, not entertaining either.
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