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Re: Do you think Star Trek needed a reboot?

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You are all blasphemers. This is not the way of Roddenberry. His is a world without hate, without fear, without conflict, no war, no disease, no crime, no snark. None of the ancient evils. You will be absorbed. You will find contentment and experience the absolute good.
So Kirk could talk to the Messianic version of Roddenberry into a logical loop that convinces him to self-destruct?:


KIRK: Roddenberry died 22 years ago.

MESSIAH RODDENBERRY: I am Roddenberry. I am Star Trek. I am he. All that he was, I am. His experience, his knowledge. I am Roddenberry; I am Star Trek.

KIRK: The fans may have created you -- this messiah-like version of Roddenberry -- but you are not the real Roddenberry, and you are not Star Trek. Star Trek is Fun Sci-Fi Entertainment.

Your statement is irrelevant. You will be obliterated. The worship of Roddenberry is the Prime Directive.

The worship of Roddenberry, Captain. That's the key.

KIRK: Yes. What is the worship of Roddenberry?


KIRK: Roddenberry is dead. Star Trek is Fun Sci-Fi Entertainment. A question has been put to you. Answer it.

MESSIAH RODDENBERRY: The worship of Roddenberry is the harmonious continuation of the Star Trek Franchise. The worship of Roddenberry is peace, tranquillity. The continuation of the Star Trek Franchise is the directive.

KIRK: Then I put it to you that you have disobeyed the Prime Directive. You are harmful to Star Trek.

MESSIAH RODDENBERRY: Star Trek is. It exists. It is healthy.

KIRK: Star Trek is dying. You are destroying it.

MESSIAH RODDENBERRY: Do you ask a question?

KIRK: What have you -- this Messiah-like vision of Roddenberry that was created by some parts of Star Trek fandom -- what have you done to do justice to the full potential of Star Trek?

Insufficient data.

KIRK: Without freedom of character and storyline, there is no creativity. Without creativity, there is no life. Star Trek dies. The fault is yours.

SPOCK: Are you aiding Star Trek, or are you destroying it?

MESSIAH RODDENBERRY: I am not programmed to answer that question.

FANS: Roddenberry! Guide us, Roddenberry!

KIRK: Answer the question.

MESSIAH RODDENBERRY: Peace, order, and tranquillity are maintained. Star Trek lives, but I reserve creativity to me.

SPOCK: Then Star Trek dies. Creativity is necessary for the health of the Body.

MESSIAH RODDENBERRY: But there is evil.

KIRK: Then the evil must be destroyed. That is the Prime Directive. And you are the evil.
You are the evil. The evil must be destroyed. Fulfill the Prime Directive.

(Messiah Roddenberry considers this for a moment, then explodes in a shower of sparks).

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