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Crusade - You are the producer

I'm on a pretty mammoth rewatch of my Babylon 5 boxset, close to finishing Season 5. I'm debating whether or not to sit through Crusade again, and that got me thinking.

The basic premise of the series was pretty decent, but it was so jolting and jaring that there was no flow to episodes. Watching a whole season of B5 in a few days you see the flow, how it all fits together and the impacts some events make on what comes next.

So I got to thinking, what if you were the producer of the show, the studio has come back and green lit the premise but want some changes. They will only let you keep at most two of the characters and/or actors. In exchange they are willing to give you a free hand in making changes (tech, back story, etc), though you have to keep the Excalibur.

What changes would you make?
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