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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

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That's not what I'm talking about. There may have been two or more takes of a given cue that were all technically fine, but the composer, producer, and/or music editor may have felt that an early portion was performed better in one take while a later portion was performed better in a different take.
Right, I understood that. I thought I said I understood that, in the portion of the post before "also omitting..."

Dalen Quaice wrote: View Post
Yes, the collection is a luxury item. Just because you are buying a luxury item does not give the producers the right to misrepresent the product. If you buy a Stradivarius violin, it should be a real one and not a replica - especially if you are led to believe it is in fact, a real Stradivarius.
Dalen, just FYI, it's when you use phrases like "misrepresent the product" that you cross the line. Key words like "lie", "misrepresent", etc are good indicators that you might be heading into delicate territory.

The problem with those ideas is that they attribute, uh, misbehavior (malfeasance?) on the part of people who (a) obviously labored with love on this package, and (b) are due a debt of gratitude from all of us, and (c) know a great deal more than we do. They have access to primary sources, that we just don't have. Their motivations seem pretty pure. They deserve the benefit of the doubt. Let's ask questions, sure; but let's assume they did what they said they did, until we exhaust alternatives.

We can construct an alternate scenario of what happened with the "Force Field" cue in Lights of Zetar:
  • Courage records the Where No Man score. The music editor takes "Force Field" and "Silver Orbs" and edits them as we hear on the set, for inclusion in the episode.
  • Season 3 rolls around, and the music editor grabs that same "Force Field" cue from season 1 to use in Lights of Zetar. I mean the same version that we now hear on the box set, where the cue ends "early".
  • Some releases of Trek use the original soundrack, probably including the laserdisc and maybe the VHS.
  • ~Twenty years after the series, GNP Crescendo used Courage's personal copies of the score recordings, and releases their version of the pilot soundtracks. Courage's personal copies have some problems with sound quality. And notably from our perspective the GNP release does not use the same takes that were actually used in the episodes, esp in the case of cues that were worked-on by the music editor, including cues that were cobbled-together from multiple takes and cues that were faded together, etc.
  • The first DVDs are produced, and the team working on those re-creates the soundtracks. In some cases they use the GNP Crescendo as the source for the music, even though that source is inaccurate. In our scenario, Lights of Zetar is one of those cases.
So in this scenario, the version of "Force Field" on the DVDs and BluRays is not the version that originally aired in 1969. There is no "misrepresentation" on the part of the La-La Land team, because what they provided us on the set is what was used in both Where No Man and Lights of Zetar. Yes we can sync up the DVD or BluRay to the GNP, but that's just an historical artifact of how the DVD & BluRay releases were put together. It doesn't have anything to do with the completeness of the soundtrack box set. We're not using the right reference to identify cues.

I find that scenario quite plausible, in light of what I learned yesterday on the FSM forum. And as long as we can construct viable alternate scenarios, it's just not appropriate to throw around accusations of lying etc. We should really assume that the La-la Land team did exactly what they said they did, and proceed using that as an operating assumption. By all means let's ask about discrepancies and stuff we can't identify; but let's also do our homework, and make sure we are checking the right reference, etc.

This particular scenario is a testable theory. Does anyone have the laserdisc of Lights of Zetar?
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