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Re: Is Star Trek Interracially revolutionary?

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Truth is, in the 1960s you didn't see many non-whites with regular roles on TV. Granted, Uhura and Sulu weren't exactly integral characters, in fact we did have other communications officers and helmsmen throughout TOS. But, it got them recognition all the same and there weren't many other shows offering inspiration to African Americans or Asian Americans, so it's the symbolism that counts.

If TOS wasn't the first interracial kiss, than what was?
From what I gathered from the web, Sammy Davis' kiss of/on Nancy Sinatra, An inter-racial kiss on TV took place in 1964 between the characters Dr Mahler (Joan Hooley) and Dr Farmer (John White) on ITV's Soap Emergency Ward 10. This was in Britain. And Buckwheat kissing (I'm assuming) White girls.

It is true that interracial kisses were rare back then. But granted, it wasn't considered quite so bad if it involved a White male. And I would say that there is historic reason for this.
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