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Re: Is Star Trek Interracially revolutionary?

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You have to judge Star Trek (TOS) by the standards of the mid 1960's America when it was made.
My apologies, I should have made it clear, I'm addressing Star Trek as a whole. All seasons/sub-series included.

I understand the standards of the era issue. It was risky, but not necessarily ground-breaking or revolutionary. For one, as I stated, it was not the first TV interracial kiss. And movies paved the way for interracial kisses (couples, marriages, etc.).

I'm bringing this up because Star Trek (at least TOS) is generally credited for being revolutionary. And in many ways it was. But not as far as interracial interaction is concerned.

Which brings up another question, if TOS was a groundbreaking show, why did the groundbreaking stop with TOS? I admit to not having watched the other series (save a few Next Generation episodes), but I've never heard of anything groundbreaking as far as any of the following series goes. Did being revolutionary become less important after TOS?
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