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Re: Billie Piper not involved in 50th anniversary

Emh wrote: View Post
It's a shame she's not returning if for no other reason than because she was pivotal to the show's successful return. That being said, I'm not going to loss any sleep over it.

tomalak301 wrote: View Post
Wow, I didn't even think about the possibility of companions coming back for the 50th anniversary. Of course this could explain how they bring back Tennant, and how both of them are on that distant world.
Why wouldn't companions come back? Technically, having the companions return makes more sense than previous incarnations of The Doctor.

Of course, this is Doctor Who, so I expect everything including the kitchen sink.
Oh all the living companions could come back and it will probably be good. The thing is though everyone's been talking about what Doctors are coming back I totally forgot about the whole thing with the Companions.

Also, a good thing about a Rose come back might not be rose, but more along the lines of getting Mickey back too. That would be nice.
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