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Re: Kirk's Television Enterprise Deck Plans WIP

May the Great Bird of the Galaxy bless your house, Mytran! Thanks (You know what to do, once I posted the revision of E-Deck 14? ).

Some quick upgrades on E-Deck 13 that came up in the meantime that didn't make it to the draft illustrated:

A) corridor "to" antimatter-pod at 11 o'clock will become access corridor used by Scotty and crew in "That Which Survives" to the antimatter-pod connection crawlway used by Scotty to stop the antimatter from "leaking" uncontrolled into reactor # 3 above.

B) corridor from "Let That Be Your Last Battlefield" will move to E-Deck 11 and become the angular end of the WNM corridor (E-Deck 10 first draft) leading to the flight deck.

Possibly the flight deck will take on a green illumination once fully pressured (?!)
Although we have seen the hangar deck after arrival in "Journey to Babel" and prior to departure in "The Immunity Syndrome" there was never a hint of green illumination like in "Let That Be..."

And there's proably no need to store the shuttlecraft Lokai stole from Starbase 4 in the ship's "garage" as it's probably returned at the earliest next convenience.

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