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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

IMHO, some tracks are original sessions while others have been editorially changed somewhat crudely to match the flow in the episodes. The set seems inconsistent in that regard; sometimes "clean" and sometimes "edited" -- the original tapes were, according to the producers ~ 150 reel to reel with ~ 30 minutes each - that means ~ 75 hours of material edited down to what we have on the collection. "IF" you can condense the material to that size and be complete, then I see no problem at all. Certainly there are going to be duplicates of music; however, if you CHANGE the way the music is recorded OR edited, it becomes a unique work that neither matches the episodes nor the exact studio recordings... which I think is what we have here. It is fine for casual listening, but not an enthusiast item. That is my opinion, of course.
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