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Re: What are your plans for this year?

There are a few things I want to get done this year:

New Job - I'm currently a substitute Custodian at a school district that doesn't pay very much and offers no benefits. I really need to get a move on on actually starting my career and working a lot more. That might happen as I do have my first job interview lined up for tomorrow

New Car - My old car might be falling apart so by the end of the year I'm probably going to be in the market to get a new one.

Getting a physical - This one will probably happen next week. I recently changed health insurances (The one I had was starting to get too high in terms of paying the monthly premiums) and I just got approved. Will go get the check up next week. Haven't had one in over 6 years

Meet new people and possibly find a girlfriend - I'm not the most socially active person, but I don't have many friends or live as actively as I would like. That needs to change. Even if I don't find a girlfriend, I should wake up every day knowing a good day is ahead of me. I'm not there yet.

Happy New Year all and good luck with your goals.
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